This Week’s Staff Picks!

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all having a pleasant day. I imagine many of you are probably chilling out in your dorm room or apartment. As you’re chilling out in your dorm room or apartment attempting to crank out that that essay drinking your coffee, why not pop in some smooth jazz tunes to help you concentrate? Here are some of my favourite picks:

1. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Classic Miles Davis. What I consider a personal best introductory CD. (CD 3270)

2. Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz

Another great collection for the beginner listener of jazz! Contains a myriad of different artists and sub-genres. (CD 1447)
3. Nina Simone – Anthology
Most people know Madame Simone’s Feeling Good, but have a listen at her other songs. (CD 5090)

4. Earl Hines – Piano Man!
Everything on this CD is great – but as a pianist, I’m particularly drawn to the piano solo recordings! (CD 4252)
5. Duke Ellington – Greatest Hits

Another fantastic jazz artist and CD; Duke Ellington was one of the first I listened to when I was first interested in jazz music! (CD 2031)