American Composers

We recently got a ton of scores in here at the Music Library. So many that we can’t really contain it to one post. Therefore in the interest of globalism and international unity, the scores will be categorized into American and European composers.

So let’s start with the American Composers, shall we?

Among other things, we received some Elliot Carter and Steve Reich. However the majority seem to be works by John Cage. In celebration of this, I thought I would present Mr. Cage himself playing a cactus. Awesome, right?

Anyway, here you go:

Louis Andriessen: De Tijd ~ M 1543 .A53 T5 1995

Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel ~ M 1531 .F45 R65 2008

Steve Reich: City Life ~ M 947 .R45 C58 1998

Steve Reich: Tehillim ~ M 2019.5 .R45 T4 2010

Steve Reich: Different Trains ~ M 452 .R45 D54 1998

John Cage: Rozart Mix ~ M 1470  .C34 R69 1965

John Cage: Speech (1965) ~ M 1470 .C34 S64 1960

John Cage: Cheap Imitation ~ M 25 .C34 C443 1970

John Cage: Music for Wind Instruments ~ M 557 .C34 M8 1997

John Cage and Lou Harrison: Double Music ~ M485 .C34 D68 1961

John Cage: The City Wears a Slouch Hat ~ M 1527.5 .C.24 C58 2010

John Cage: A Book of Music for Two Prepared Pianos ~ M 214 .C3 B6 1960

John Cage: Hymns and Variations for 12 Amplified Voices ~ M 1529.5 .C34 H8 1979

Elliot Carter: Pocahontas ~ M 1003 .C325 P6 1969

Elliot Carter: Night Fantasies ~ M 25 .C73 N5 1995

Elliot Carter: Concerto for Orchestra ~ M 1042 .C37 C6 1990

Elliot Carter: Symphonia: Sum Fluxae Pretium Spei ~ M 1045 .C378  S9 2008


Tomorrow we’ll have the scores from across the pond.