Some More Staff Picks by Alex

Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky

This collection puts together a huge amount of Stravinsky’s work. What I like about it is that every group either features Stravinsky as a soloist or as the conductor. The result is a series of recordings that highlight the sounds Stravinsky created in a way I haven’t seen elsewhere. Sometimes cast of as a bit of a vanity play by the composer, this nonetheless provides a good look at what he intended when writing his music.

CD 3247


First Impulse

The Creed Taylor Collection: 50th Anniversary

This collection celebrates the work Creed Taylor did in bringing about the Impulse label. It does this by providing CD’s of Impulses first 6 LP’s. These releases cemented Impulse as a heavy hitter in the Jazz charts in the 60’s. With this collection, not only do you get the music but a spiffy booklet containing the original liner notes and more!

The first part of the collection is my favorite, containing the reunion of J.J. Johnson and Kai Windig. The CD is a combination of two LP’s: The Great Kai & J.J.: Brand New, Swinging Together Again and The Incredible Kai Winding Trombones. Kai and J.J. are a great duo, bridging together Bop and Swing in a fashion that is unmistakable. Creed Taylor doesnt skimp on the Rythm either. The CD features plenty of stuff from Bill Evans, Art Taylor and Sticks Evans.

I would be remiss however, if I did not mention the other albums in the collection. Next up is the classic Ray Charles album Genius + Soul = Jazz followed by Out of the Cool by the Gil Evans Orchestra

But wait, it gets even better!

It also has the Oliver Nelson Sextet playing the album The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Coltrane’s quartet playing Africa/Brass. You really can’t go wrong with this collection.

CD 9349


Debussy: Complete Orchestral Works Vol. III

Not much to say about this one. It contains  three great piano works (Orchestrated by Caplet and Büsser) on top of the Danses sacrée et profane. Great works, performed well.

CD 6124


BWV 1080: J.S. Bach’s “Art of the Fugue”

I give up! I really like the Art of the Fugue. Last time, I posted a recording by the Pittsburg Symphony Brass. This one is a more traditional recording, performed by Gustav Leonhardt and Bob van Asperen.

CD 6565


Head Hunters: Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock, Bennie Maupin, Paul Jackson, Harvey Mason, Bill Summers.

Need I say more?

CD 9546