Welcome to Summer!!!

Congratulations – we finally finished! Finals are over, juries are done, papers are turned in and we are home bound! (or DC bound with an unpaid internship and part time, underpaid job)

To the seniors, the soon-to-be graduates, CONGRATULATIONS! We wish you well with your next steps.

To the juniors, the rising seniors, holy crap! One year left!

To the sophomores, the new upperclassmen, get ready for a crazy 2 years!

To the freshmen, the no-longer freshmen, congrats! You finished (and passed) your first year of college!

For those hanging around DC, I’ve compiled a list of our very fabulous DC & summer music CDs. These  all have to do with either:

  • A) local DC music culture/musicians/style
  • C) DC in the summer…


The Beat – Go Go’s Fusion of Funk & Hip Hop (CD 3136)

for those who didn’t now, Go Go is a style of music that came out of DC. Although it’s not hugely popular around the rest of the world, it is definitely a big part of the culture here.

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (CD 5079)

because every summer needs some beach…and some boys…and some beach boys.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (CD 3345)

great musician from D.C.

Duke Ellington – (CD 5519) More Great Hits (CD 2032) Symphony No. 1 Afro-American (CD 5820) Symphony No. 2 Song of a New Race (CD 1131)

did you know he was from D.C.? Yeah…figured, after all we do have the Duke Ellington Bridge.