Helen’s Staff Picks

Radiohead - Kid A

Radiohead – Kid A  (CD 4176) & the Bends (CD 2324)

This group will CHANGE YOUR LIFE…forever.

Marimolin – Combo Platter (CD 9350)

Marimolin - Combo Platter

I had to add one saxophone album to the mix…I played Combo Platter for my junior recital, it’s a great piece, hard to play, sometimes hard to listen to, but also a lot of fun!

Parliament - Mothership ConnectionParliament – Mothership Connection  (CD 9430) & The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (CD 9555)

If you have not listened to Parliament…then you have not yet lived.

Bjork – Biophilia (CD 9524) & Homogenic (CD 3759) & Post (CD 4393) & Debut (CD 5248)Bjork - Biophilia

Life changing music…life changing concepts…life changing woman.