78 78s by Ian Nagoski

15 years ago Ian Nagoski began collecting old 78s, specifically focusing on non-English releases. With recordings from over 40 different countries he has unearthed important pieces of cultural history. He explains in a short film titled, “To What a Strange Place” (embedded below) that while he was collecting music by foreign performers, most of the recordings were made in America. These performers were immigrants and their recordings were made to sell back into their communities. The music harkens back to traditions and communities that have been changed or lost over the years. Nagoski has created a mix of 78 of his favorite 78 recordings for NPR. He remastered and re-released scores of 78s and is currently on tour with this project, traveling to Baltimore on January 26. This isn’t the first time Nagoski was mentioned on our blog, a year or so ago we highlighted the Washington Post Magazine that featured the work done by Nagoski with music from the Greek immigrant community.


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  1. I have his “Black Mirror” CD – a Dust-to-Digital release – and it’s fantastic. Consider getting it for the Music Library!

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