Trombone, Trombone, Trombone…

If you are a trombonist, an aspiring trombonist, a beginning trombonist, a trombone virtuouso, or just really like the trombone….you should come by the music library, because we have a bunch of:


The Remington Warm-Up Studies prepared and edited by Donald Husberger (MT465 .R445 R4 1980)

Studies in Legato from the works of Concone, Marchesi and Panofka compiled and Edited by Reginald H. Fink (MT465 .RF5 S8 1969)

Concerto by Rimsky-Korsakov (M1206 .R56 C6 1958)

Fantaisie by Sigismond Stojowski (M263 .S873 op.27 1967)

Sonata by Halsey Stevens (M263 .S74 S66 1969)

Sonatina by Kzaimierz Serocki (M263 .S47 S6 2009)

Cavatine, opus 144 by Camille Saint-Saëns (M263 .S3 C3 1915)

Piece Concertante by Samuel Rousseau (M263 .R68 P5 2000)

Piece in B-flat minor by J. Guy Ropartz (M263 .R65 1990)

Sonata by George McKay (M263 .M35 S6 2005)

Sonata in G minor by Benedetto Marcello (M263 .M259 op.1 no.4 1960)

Six Sonatas by John Ernest Galliard Volume 1 (M263 .G37 S6 1963 v.1) and Volume 2 (M263 .G37 S6 1963 v.2)

Ballade by E. Bozza (M263 .B69 op.62 1944)

Andante et Allegro by J. Ed. Barat (M263 .B37 A5 1990)

Fantasy for Trombone by Malcolm Arnold (M92 .A75 op.101 2000)

Haste, Ye Shepherds from the Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach (M263 .B118 BWV248F 1961)