CD Sheet Music

If you aren’t already aware, the AU Music Library has a collection of Sheet Music on CD. Basically this means you can download sheet music from said CD to your computer and print it! Obviously, because of copyright laws the only music avaible on CD is pre-20th century. However we have a large collection of:

French Piano Music (CD-Rom 31 & 32)

Clarinet Methods, Studies & Ensembles (CD – Rom 33)

Spanish and Latin American Piano Music (CD-Rom 34)

Haydn & Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas (CD-Rom 35)

Sacred Songs & Arias for Soprano (CD-Rom 36)

Sacred Songs & Arias for Baritone/Bass (CD-Rom 37)

Sacred Songs & Arias for Mezz-Sopran/Alto (CD-Rom 38)

Sacred Songs & Arias for Tenor (CD-Rom 39)

Clarinet Solos & Duos (CD-Rom 24)

Grieg & Mendelssohn: Works for Piano (CD-Rom 25)

American Concert Piano Music (CD-Rom 26)

WA Mozart: the Piano Concertos (CD-Rom 27)

Piano Sonatinas & Standard Study Works (CD-Rom 28)

Sacred Duets, Trios & Quartets (CD-Rom 29)

American Ragtime Music Hall Piano Music (CD-Rom 30)