Our “CD by Subject” guides make browsing easy

The ALADIN catalog makes it a relatively simple affair to track down a recording you’re looking for, but what if you’re not quite sure what you want? You could certainly browse around in our CD cabinets, but anyone who has spent time doing that knows that they are organized to make the most efficient use of the space available and for easy retrieval, but not at all with browsing in mind.

Musical theater fans have long had our guide to Musical Theater CDs (in print and now online), but did you notice that we’ve added quite a few more over the past year or so?

From our music subject guide page, find the tab labeled “CDs by Subject.” When you hover over it, a menu will drop down with all our current guides.

CDs by Subject - Menu

Choose one, and you’ll get a spreadsheet of all of our holdings in that particular genre. Most are current up to a few months ago, though they are not continuously updated.

CDs by Subject - Jazz Spreadsheet
The call numbers are all linked to the appropriate ALADIN record, so you can easily check the availability of an item you’re interested in. Helpful, right?

CDs by Subject - Jazz - Aladin Example

If you have any suggestions about what we should do next, let us know in the comments on in person.