MuseScore Music Notation Software Available

As of today the free, cross-platform (Win/Mac/Linux), open source music notation software MuseScore is available on all Music Library lab computers.MuseScore Logo

MuseScore is a robust, feature-filled alternative to programs like Finale and Sibelius. It aims to be easy to learn and easy to use. They have a series of video tutorials that will get you up and running in just a few minutes. If you have questions along the way, they have a well-organized handbook to guide you through and an active forums section where you can ask other users for help.

MuseScore IconTo get started, click the desktop icon on our PCs, or choose it from the dock on our Macs. A sample score will appear when you first open the program. You can start a new score by going to File > New. The default paper size is set to A4, which our printers can’t handle, so if you intend to print go to Layout > Page settings, and choose Letter.

And let us know what you think of it, either in person or in the comments. Is it powerful and featured enough to do what you need it to do? Is it too simple? Too complicated? Should we keep it around, or just stick with Finale?


2 thoughts on “MuseScore Music Notation Software Available

  1. Great news !
    You may want to set the default to Letter in the preferences. (Edit -> Preferences -> Score). Every new file you’ll create will now be in Letter format.


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