Music Library sheet music holdings are now available!

Sheet Music - "S'Il Etait La!" by Georges RupésI’m pleased to announce that our historical sheet music holdings are now available online for the first time ever! You can access them from either the AU library web site or from the Music Library subject guide page. Just choose a category, click on your preferred sort order, and there you are!

When you see something you’re interested in, just tell a Music Library staff member, and they can pull it for you. Many of these items are extremely delicate, so use is restricted to within the library, but you can photocopy if necessary, of course.

Gathering this information and getting it online has been a huge undertaking. Our staff spent hundreds of hours organizing and gathering metadata from these fragile and dusty items, and our library Systems team did a great job helping to turn it into a real database and get it online. Many thanks to everyone involved!

We have big plans to improve on this database in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy having this information finally available.