NSO and music education get a boost

The arts always seem to get short changed, but here in Washington DC, the National Symphony Orchestra is in for a boost.

Irene Pollin, long time board member of the NSO, will donate $550,000 to go towards education and outreach. Education and community outreach is becoming increasingly more important to orchestras around the country as original audiences thin and younger generations, lacking exposure to classical music, do not fill the seats. Here in Washington the National Symphony Orchestra is already dedicated to educating young musicians and involving the community. This 1/2 million dollars, spread over 2 years, will go to aiding this mission and support programs that take the NSO out into the community and local schools.

When asked about the gift, Pollin said, “I chose to support these particular programs, because of my own experience as a young child playing in the school orchestra. Music has been a major part of my life and I feel very strongly that young people should receive a wonderful exposure to music early in life.”

Way to go Pollin. Music is important and should be available to everyone.

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