Films on Demand: Music

the AU Library has a new database! (Well it’s not SO new anymore…but)

Films on Demand is a database with about 6,500 live streaming videos available to the AU community. Browsing through them I found some really interesting videos on music:

Music of the Brain explores human connection with music. The video seeks to understand music’s connection to human relationships, language, culture, and emotions.


Fascinated by music? Fascinated by cultures? This film may be of interest to you then! Music Moves the World travels the world – Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe – from the industrial world to the developing world – to observe music and its relationship to different cultures.

———————————- AU boasts that it is one of the country’s most “politically active” college campuses. Well then, these videos are the music videos for AU!

Rebel Music: Americas looks at how musicians and music shaped the political movements in South America.


The Rock Star and the Mullahs examines music and the political tension in Pakistan.

Fine Rain looks at the relationship between Chinese folk songs and politics.