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The AU Music Library would like to hip you all to yet another cool DC event.

This time ’round it’s an in-store performance.  Folks have been to these, right?  It’s a nice way for an artist to play in an intimate space where merch-selling is encouraged (fun fact: musicians need to eat / pay bills / etc).  And it’s a nice way for a store to bring some people in the door.  Win-win, really.

So, tomorrow, at Red Onion Records [full-disclosure: I, Sam, work there sometimes] Mr. Daniel Bachman will be doing an in-store performance at around 7:30 pm.  Daniel is an amazing guitarist in the tradition of, ahem, American Primitive Guitar Music, a phrase coined by none-other than John Fahey himself (AU ML tip: CD 4335 is a great place to start, but we also have a DVD about him too).  This is most-often vocal-less acoustic guitar music, ideal for porch sitting and mind-wandering.  Leave your A-type instincts at the door, cause this’ll be all about slow, simple pleasure.


Behold Mr. Bachman!

and again…

So yeah.  This one will be for fans of mellower times.  Come on out into the DC night and relax.

Red Onion Records is at 18th and T, the show starts at 7:30 pm, and yes, it’s free.

Hope to see you there!


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DC Music News: “New” FUGAZI

Hey Team.

Some great news for fans of DC’s punk music scene.  Dischord Records, based in Arlington, VA, is going to release an old demo.  And not just any old demo, but that of life-changing DC punk / emo band Fugazi.

[Personal aside from me, Sam.  Fugazi is partially what brought me here to Washington DC to go to college back in 2000.  Their music and band ethics were just so inspirational for me growing up in rural Massachusetts, so uncompromising and honest, and the music was so hard-hitting and real for me, and I remember I wanted so much to be a part of their fiercely DIY world.  So I came to DC.]

So yes, this is kinda ‘new’ music from Fugazi (the band went on indefinite hiatus in 2001).  Here’s the official words from Dischord:

Later this year, Dischord will release Fugazi’s First Demo.

In January 1988, after only ten shows, Fugazi decided to go into Inner Ear Studio to see what their music sounded like on tape. They tracked 11 songs, ten of which were ultimately dubbed to cassette tape and distributed free at shows, with the band encouraging people to share the recording.

The only song from the session that has been formally released was “In Defense of Humans,” which appeared on the State of the Union compilation in 1989. Now, some 26 years later, Dischord is releasing the entire demo including the one song (“Turn Off Your Guns”) that wasn’t included on the original cassette. The record has been mastered by TJ Lipple and will be available on CD and LP+Mp3.

This release will also coincide with the completion of the initial round of uploads to the Fugazi Live Series website. Launched in 2011, the site now includes information and details on all of Fugazi’s 1000+ live performances and makes available close to 900 concert recordings that were documented by the band and the public.

Exciting news for the fans!  (Note too that the folks at Dsichord are making an audio archive of live shows – have been doing this for quite some time.  The worlds of punk rock and libraries / preservation do indeed collide.)

We have 13 Songs and Repeater if you need them (and you do), and check out another classic performance from the early years:

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Cool DC Event(s): Souleyman and Signh


A pleasant Tuesday morning to you; and we’re going to cut straight to the chase…

Not one but TWO rad DC events to tell you about today.

Omar Souleyman promo shot

First us is Omar Souleyman.  Souleyman is a wedding singer from Syria, and he made tons and tons of tapes of his music, pretty much to promote himself.  Anti-world world label Sumblime Frequencies brought his sound to American and European audiences maybe 6 or 7 years ago now, and he’s since toured a whole bunch, and made music with Bjork and Four Tet, among others.  Not sure how much of this kinda thing you have in your life right now, but we’re pretty sure you need more of it:

Souleyman is TONIGHT at the Howard Theatre.

Second, there’ll be a truly rare opportunity coming this Thursday.


You have not heard of Charanjit Signh, most likely.  Signh was in the Bollywood film industry in the 70’s and 80’s, making music for movies.  As such, he had access to some pretty state-of-the-art audio gear for the time, including some now-classic analog synths: the 303 and the 808 and others.  A longtime fan of classical Indian music (and, folks, you need to get into classical Indian music – it’s pretty amazing stuff), Singh thought to try to promote or popularize or ‘update’ these older forms for the new, hip kids the films were being marketed to.  And what was hip in India in the early 80’s?  DISCO.

Thus, 10 Ragas to a Disco Beat, which was released in ’82.  And as a record, it failed.

Flash forward to a few years ago, this record gets “discovered” by dance music nuts.  It turns out Singh’s work sounds a heck of a lot like acid house, which didn’t arrive on the scene in Chicago until 1987.


Singh will be at Tropicalia on U street on Thursday, so you have two days to prepare yourselves for this.  It will be quite the show, folks.

[Full disclosure: my friend's techno unit Protect-U is opening for Signh]

Keep on dancin’, Team.

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New CD Arrivals!

Check out some awesome new CDs at the music library! I’m personally excited about the Alexandre Desplat soundtrack and the St. Vincent self-titled album that just came out this winter!

Enjoy the end of your summer with some rad tunes :)

The Grand Budapest Hotel Original Soundtrack, Alexandre Desplat – CD 893

St. Vincent (self-titled), St. Vincent – CD 592

She Wolf, Shakira – CD 1028

Futuresex/Lovesounds, Justin Timberlake – CD 1127

Between Worlds, Avi Avital – CD 1429

Louden Up, !!! (pronounched Chk Chk Chk) – CD 714

Master Of My Make Believe, Santigold – CD 1337

Journey in Satchidananda, Alice Coltrante ft. Pharoah Sanders – CD 827

Heathers: The Musical, World Premiere Cast Recording – CD 1694

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, Stephen King and John Mellencamp – CD 1693

Bullets Over Broadway, Woody Allen – CD 1633

If/Then, Idina Menzel – CD 1556

Complete String Quartets, Robert Erickson, Del Sol Quartet – CD 1766

Come Down Angels and Trouble The Water, Negro Spirituals – CD 1775

Game of Attrition, Arlene Sierra, Vol 2. – CD 1779

Aladdin, Original Broadway Cast Recording – CD 1525

Violet, Original Broadway Cast Recording – CD 1689

Deep Water: The Murder Ballads, John Allemeier – CD 1771


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Summer Jams – Avi Avital on Mandolin




It’s summer here at the Katzen Arts Center – you can tell by the presence of children here for music camp. We’re busy here in the Music Library, scanning sheet music and spiffing up the place for the fall.

But not so busy that we can’t take a moment with some new arrivals.

Enter Avi Avital. Venerable classical label Deutsche Grammophon – with their wonderful trademark shade of yellow – has released Mr. Avital’s newest, and it slays. This is music for mandolin, and the selections on this record are all over the map: Bartok and Villa-Lobos but also some lesser-known pieces by Bloch, Bat Chaim, Falla, and Piazzolla. Dig, too, some mean renderings of traditional Bulgarian and Welsh music. A lot of this is fun, enthusiastic music, and Avital is nothing short of amazing on mandolin.

Seriously, this guy shreds.

I have said it before, but the best part about working in and being around the AU Music Library is getting turned on to new music that you haven’t heard before. This new CD was ordered and recommended by one of our part time staff members – himself an avid mandolinist – and it’s fun to have the human beings around you getting excited and passionate about great music. No need for fancy algorithms here. Nor do we really want some famous person far away setting up our playlist. No, it’s more fun to get recs from people close by. Yes, this is a plug and yes you should stop by the music library for a recommendation or three.

Hail summer and hail virtuoso mandolin playing!

CD 1429

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New Arrivals!

We’ve got a nice selection of all kinds of creative mediums in our new arrivals today! Get excited about some music history, brass quintets, and Madonna :)

New CDs!

MDNA, Madonna – CD 636

St. Carolyn By The Sea, Bryce Dessner / Suite from “There Will Be Blood”, Jonny Greenwood – CD 554

Way To Normal, Ben Folds – CD 983

Links: New concerto for Saxophone & Wind Ensemble, Virginia Wind Symphony – CD 10310

New American Masters, Volume 5, World Premiere Recordings of Newly Commissioned Works – CD 10309

New Books!

Twentieth Century Music; A History of Musical Style in Modern Europe and America, Robert P. Morgan – ML 197 .M675 1991

New Scores!

Dichotomy; For Brass Quintet, Scott Wilkinson – M 557.4 .W55 D53 2014

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And finally! Here’s the last of the latest huge batch of new scores!

Voices from the Heartland (American Songbook VII), George Crumb – M 1613.3 .C92 V782 2014

Russian Sacred Music for Chorus, ed. Noelle Mann – M 2082 .R87 2013

Piano Duets, Monika Twelsiek – M 200 .P53 2014

Missa in C minor, W. A. Mozart – M 2013 .M93 K427 1987

Stabat Mater, Antonio Caldera – M 2021 .C25 S73 2014

Helene, Charles Camille Saent-Saens – M 1500 .S15 H45 2014



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